PSM and EHS Solutions for High Hazard Chemical Handling Sites

PSMmonitor is a modular, integrated suite of high performance cloud-based IT solutions

Its modular architecture is underpinned by dynamic task recording and tracking which consolidates all action items from the various modules into a single place for easier reporting and management oversight, with audit trails throughout.

Action Tracking
  • Ensuring PSM, PHA, HAZOP and other Actions are closed out
  • Actions feed in from multiple sources such as MoCs, Incidents, Audits, PHAs and Hazops or can be directly entered into the module
  • Supervisors and managers have an overview of Action compliance, through dynamic onscreen reports or through automated email notifications of current and overdue actions
  • Reporting by exception – high level of peer visibility and management oversight ensures that the organisation does what it says it does and can prove it
  • Much easier and more efficient than spreadsheet sharing!
Management of Change (MoC)
  • A formalised yet flexible process for managing change for in high hazard chemical manufacturing and handling facilities that works!
  • An integrated risk assessment and management program to accompany plant installations or changes, including software and personnel
  • Sections of the MoC onscreen form have multiple sign-offs and automatic email notifications depending on the plant area and the change risk
Incident Recording and Management
  • 2-stage incident notification and reporting process
  • Stage 1 is simple data entry requiring just 5 fields for the initial incident recording - ensures near misses and walk-bys are captured and notified to the Safety Manager for PSPI reporting
  • Significant incident events are escalated to Stage 2 to be managed, investigated and reported on; root causes identified and acted on; and corrective actions processed
Integrated Learning Notification and Management
  • Knowledge gained through case reviews of plant changes and incidents is disseminated to groups and individuals in affected plant areas
  • Record Learning Notifications in individuals’ Learning Management record to increase awareness of plant activity and improve safety
  • System reminds individuals to review their LM records and alerts Supervisors / Managers when this is not done
Integrated Document Management & Storage
  • Provides for all types of documents and files to be stored within the system and to be easily accessed and cross-linked to other PSMmonitor documents
  • Document check out and check in along with version control for maintaining data integrity
  • Edit-in-line allows Microsoft Office-type and other editable documents to be edited through the browser
  • Search across all document content and document types (that have machine readable text)
  • Store, manage and easily retrieve critical regulatory documents with full audit trails for effective life cycle management
Permit to Work
  • Provides the communication platform between everyone involved in hazardous work and integrating with other PSMmonitor modules with a library of separate configurable permit forms for different tasks to take account individual site conditions and requirement, such as hot work and entry into confined spaces, so that sufficient emphasis can be given to the particular hazards present and precautions required

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Configurable Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPIs)

  • The system monitors, alerts and reports progress in realtime
  • Confgurable PSPIs and graphs customized by job role
  • Focus on the real priorities

"The critical few, not the trivial many”

Responsive image

Example PSPIs on a user's Home Screen; the widgets are collapsible, movable and can be drilled down into for more detail and to access source data

PSMmonitor Resources

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