Monitoring EHS and PSM PSPIs in high risk chemical manufacturing and handling sites in the UK, Europe and N America since 1996

Compliance with EHS and PSM regulations is both a legal necessity and good business practice for any business that uses or stores hazardous chemicals and is serious about risk management.

Too often though, audit and control of these processes is managed using unreliable and antiquated technologies — such as spreadsheets or paper checklists — leaving actions difficult to track and audit, and processes open to communication and process failures.

  • How does your business protect itself from avoidable incidents?
  • Can you be confident that you’re fully in control of risk in your workplace?
  • Can you access to all key process safety information within a few mouse clicks?

Now with PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone mobile device options, Workplace Safety has moved on...

Developed by UK-based Baytouch Ltd using its extensive experience of delivering cloud-based regulatory compliance solutions, PSMmonitor is designed to meet the needs of chemical handling businesses and organisations of all sizes.

To find out more about how PSMmonitor can ramp up your safety and PSM , request an Online Demo through the Request a Demo link, provide us with some details and your ideal date(s) and time(s) and we will get back to you promptly to arrange.
Key Features
  • A complete suite of browser-accessed Safety and PSM solutions
  • Configurable process flows and sign-offs
  • Document Storage & Management with check-out/check-in version control and edit-in-line (edit Office documents through the browser)
  • Excel spreadsheet import/export and XML for integration with other databases
  • Comprehensive reporting & global search capabilities (incl. attachments)
  • Fast, easy implementation that saves time and money, and cost effective subscription-based pricing
  • Browser access and mobile devices e.g. iOS/ Android smartphones and tablets
Easier, more effective risk control, reporting and oversight
  • Focus on the real priorities
  • The system monitors and reports progress and overdue events
  • Configurable real-time PSPI reporting
  • Apply learning from Incidents, Near Misses and MoCs
  • Continuous Process Safety performance improvement
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PSMmonitor Resources

MoC Overview

An overview of how the Management of Change module works

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MoC Approval Process

Handling approvals, sign-offs and hard copy signature uploads

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Importing audit actions into Action Tracking

Excel spreadsheet action items and PHA followups into Action Tracking

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Action Tracking Data Views

Flexible ways of viewing Action Tracking data - onscreen

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Process Safety Perfomance Indicators - PSPIs

How PSPIs support safety

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